An Educational System That Has Bad Political Aims 1

You have never heard of General Secondary before, did you?

You may have done actually, the educational system in Britain.

But the  general secondary I am talking about, and in the mean case I mean what I am writing about, is totally different than how the American and British systems move.

The general secondary I am talking about is the educational system for the age group from 15 to 17 in my country, like high school.

But things are pretty different.

This educational system stands upon one rule, Put the whole book in your brain and pour what you know in the paper in front of you.

And the meaning of this statementnis literal, not a figure of speech,                                                           in other words, if one of those pages of a book aren’t well-printed in your brain, you have a good chance to fail, especially if your exam left everything and focused on that page.

You have to study simple silly, useless details in literature like,” what was the king wearing?” And “What were they eating?” Or “Why did Gulliver sneeze?”, and the Gulliver example is true.

And we never learn any moral from it except by ourselves, but in the exam, we aren’t asked about the moral or the idea, we are asked ” How did the people of Lilliput transport Gulliver?” Or ” How much did they feed him?”

We don’t do many science experiments, and if we did, the teacher only shows us, we never get to put our hands on the lab tools and try those experiments, wether they were safe or dangerous.

We entre our practical science exam, but we never do anything practical, we just write down the experiment, the mechanism, the tools, the observation and the conclusion.

To tell you the truth, there were no tools on the table, I studied what were they and wrote them down, and sometimes, I don’t know why some of them are used.

And because I have to be studying Physics now, I will be off now and return another day on an another break
Tell me, what do you think?


Feeling Different

I wrote that a long time ago (A year or so, I don’t really remember) but that was how I felt back then, tell me if you once felt the same :).

That was how I felt, and I feel somehow like that every now and then, around my social life.


​They are talking there, here and everywhere, they laugh, cry and babble and it seems that they are not having any trouble with that, they are all laughing, smiling, while I’m sitting here, wondering why I am not there or why I am not treated like that.
Feeling, different
Once I went to ask a group of my peers about something, and they answered me, actually the boy who was all funny with everyone, gave me “wall hitting answer”, he might find nothing offending about it but I feel that it hit me like a wall, not literally like a wall but he left me ask why he treated others in a different way from me.
I know a lot of people respect me, maybe the respect is what makes them distant, and my own false expectations and assumptions.
I sometimes day dream that they insult me, I get upset and they feel bad, I get to feel as like if that was semi real, yet it is not, maybe I just want attention, that’s all.
People interact with me and laugh, did I do something stupid?
I often misunderstand people whenever I think of stepping out of my space , which pushes me backwards again, people often misunderstand me, and I don’t know why do they do so, I speak totally normal yet they don’t understand or re tell it, I think it is human nature, not my fault.
Do you feel the same?

Life is Ironic!

“Life is a long journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy.”~An Anonymous on the internet

“Life is short, there is no time to leave important words unsaid”~Another anonymous on the internet

Life is a long journey, and it is short?

How ironic of life :s

A Journey to a Dream_Step 1: A struggling dreamer

I am a dreamer who has huge dreams and hopes, I hope to be a novel writer.

I have huge ideas and enormous thoughts that I wish to share with the world, but now, I am struggling with myself.

I am a student and now studying is standing on me, so I can’t try to sit down and start working.

And eventhough in vacations, I become lazy and I don’t try to do anything except gather my thoughts and write my ideas down, not doing anything real about it.

Except for the last vacation, at the last days I started something from my novel series, and recently, I could write some ideas, but now I can’t because of what I told you about just now, studying.

Well, the problem now is in studying but the bigger problem is in me.

As I told you, I am lazy when it comes to something I plan to do, it is not because I don’t want that dream, it is because I get distracted by other things in life like internet and online games.

I know what will you tell me, you will tell me to stop playing around and get to work.

And I plan to do that after my long school year ends, because unlike other educational systems, mine crams alot of time and this year there is nothing called semesters because it is one year that determines your future, and it is exactly a year, I am not over-exageratting.

I hope you will follow me through my journey on becoming a novel writer and I hope to help other writers who are struggling with their laziness before their planning for their novels.

See you next time